This is part three
Hopefully, youíve jumped into my two previous blogs. Part 1 part 2

By now, a new paradigm, thank you Charlie, was transfixing me. We had ordered a second glass by then; I think it was probably Oregon wine.
All our ideas, scribbled onto napkins, and tossed back and forth across the table, evolved into plans for one big Oregon vineyard show.

Help your Bro, Name this ShowÖ
Iíve been busy preparing for the Oregon vineyards art show. As you recall, my talk with Charlie at the Oil Painters of America Show in Tucson catapulted me into this project. Iíve lined up the three vineyards and one gallery for the show, which is scheduled for the last two weekends of May.
Now, how does a solitary artist go about organizing something that has become so big and feels so fabulous? With help and hard work, I imagine. So, here I sit today, looking for your help.

Iím playing with possible titles for the show. Jump right in: Should it be cute, classy, fruity-yet-earthy, straightforward Ö? What do you think?

Here, Iíll throw a couple quick ones at you. These are my sleep-deprived working titles; I canít tell if they are clever or stupidly cute...or just stupid. Itís OK. Weíre friends; you can be honest.

1- 1. May Art and Wine Show
Featuring Select Oregon Vineyards and the Art of Michael Orwick
2. Painting the Land of Pinot Noir
and so much Moir
4- 3. The Beauty of the Vine
4. An Artist Meets his Wine
5. Painting the Land of Pinot Noir
6- The May Vineyard Show
7-The Land of Pinot and Moir
8-Art and Wine Tour
9-Oregon Vineyards Art Show
Featuring Orwick Arts
10-Wine and Design
11- Views of the Vines
Unveiling Wine and Art in May
Featuring Select Oregon Vineyards and the Art of Michael Orwick

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